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Onision Games, 2017
Onision Games, previously named Oni Chan (not to be confused with the channel Onichan), is a channel Greg created in 2017.

Channel description:

Onision's Gaming Channel
- Live streaming.
- Talking directly to fans through patreon.com/onision
- Funny gaming moments.


Greg created the channels Oni Chan and Onion Son on May 17, 2017. In the video "I'm Deleting Two of My YouTube Channels" Greg explained he figured out why his channels were dying, so he created two new channels and planned to delete two of his channels in 2018. He explained Oni Chan (he did not mention it by name) was for migrating old gaming videos and for new gaming videos. ($ource)

Soon after its creation, Greg re-named the channel to Onision Games.

The channel is currently used to archive and to stream livestreams Greg holds of himself chatting and/or playing games with his Patreons.

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