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Screen shot of OnisionTrolls in 2012 (Source)
OnisionTrolls was a very short lived YouTube channel created by Greg in 2012. He has since removed all videos from the channel. (Source) There is currently about 600 subscribers on this channel.

Moving Videos

After creating the channel, Greg began deleting videos that were met with a lot of criticism from his Speaks channel and uploading them to his Trolls channel. Videos included "Don't Vlog & Drive", "Jenna Lost Her Marbles", and "Evolution = Satanism". (Source)

Jenna Lost Her Marbles

One of the more well documented videos on OnisionTrolls was, "Jenna Lost Her Marbles" (Re-Upload), a video response Greg made to Jenna Marbles's "My Thoughts On Marriage" video. The video was originally titled, "Jenna Lost Her Marbles (Experience Is Your Friend)" and thought to be a serious response Greg made to Jenna and uploaded it to his Speaks channel (which at that point was purely a serious channel about his opinions). The video was met with so much criticism and dislikes, it is believed Greg deleted it and re-uploaded it to OnisionTrolls due to these factors (Source) It is not known if Greg was serious or trolling in the Jenna Marbles video.


At some point all videos were removed from the channel and it was abandoned by Greg.

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