Marriage Counseling

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"I Betrayed My Wife" ending text
Greg and his wife Lainey attempted to go to Marriage Counseling after they briefly broke up in early 2016.


Greg first mentioned marriage counseling in his "I Betrayed My Wife" video, uploaded January 26, 2016 to Speaks. In the video, he explains his wife Lainey broke up with him after he told her he cuddled and had given a naked full body massage to her girlfriend, Billie, when Lainey was not home. At the end of the video, a black screen and white text revealed he and Lainey were going to therapy together to save their marriage. ($ource)

In an UhOhBro video uploaded two days after uploading "I Betrayed My Wife", Greg included a clip where he talks on speaker phone with a therapist. It seems he received the call while recording the video and left in the beginning and end of his conversation with the therapist.


Greg speaking to the therapist on speaker phone
Therapist: Hi, Gregory?
Greg: Yes?
T: I'm just calling you back about the possible marriage counseling.


T: I look forward to meeting you guys.
G: Okay, thank you.
T: Alright, thanks.
G: Bye.

[Sound of a phone hanging up.]

G:[Clears throat] That was my mom.


Afterword, Greg would bring up attending marriage counseling occasionally in videos. An example of this was in his where he took a personality type test, mistaking it for a personality disorder test. At the end of the video, he says he probably does not have a personality disorder because when he and his wife went to counseling, the therapist did not bring up that he might have a personality disorder. ($ource)

On July 31, 2016, Greg and Lainey uploaded "After Our Near-Divorce Experience (Onision & Laineybot)" to Lainey's channel. The first thing Greg brought up the the video was marriage counseling. Greg asked Lainey what she learned and she responded, "that marriage counselor's a [bleep]" and Greg responded "woah". Greg says he felt like he learned to open up a little bit more to Lainey and she said she was glad. When he asked her if she remembered that, she shook her head. When Greg asks if Lainey feels like after marriage counseling, their marriage got back to where it was, Lainey responded that she felt like it is better. Greg asks if she means their marriage is better than ever and she responds, "yes, but not due to marriage counseling." Greg says they are making this video to share their experience because he once heard a comedian say if you're going to marriage counseling, you're relationship is already over or someone dies. He says they think that's funny because it's not over until you say it's over. Greg reveals after their second counseling session, they realized this lady was not going to help them and they would accomplish more by talking to each other. Greg credits counseling with "getting the conversation rolling, then we were good to go." He says now they are more open and blunt with each other. ($ource)

In the December 2016 Laineybot video "Will Our Marriage Survive?", Lainey makes a comment that their counselor told them to listen respectfully when they disagree with each other, but they didn't do it. ($ource)