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HannahGregCollab.jpg Hannah Minx was a well-known YouTuber that worked with Greg in 2010. Greg recently revealed she was the YouTuber he secretly dated in 2011... (Read more)

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Timeline Feb 2017.png
Timeline of Greg's relationships as an adult as of February 2017. Triangles are marriages.
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"The only way I could recover from my fall was to make her the bad guy... I would make up excuses as to why she was wrong for me, suggest that she treated me wrongly, that she did not care about anyone ~ I was almost to the point of sayings he had no soul ~ not to degrade her, but to save myself from more heart ache..."
- Onision, 2005 (Source)
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  • December 25 - Greg instructs his fans to spam his Encyclopedia Dramatica page to say he "fucks goats".
  • December 24 - Greg officially announces he will go back to making videos judging his fans' bodies.
  • December 22 - Greg reposnds to the parody saying he broke up with these people (and Cyr) and they are liars and fakes.
  • December 22 - Social Repose and Jaclyn Glenn make a parody video of Greg relationship drama from the past year.
  • December 22 - Greg uploads another video rating girls that submitted pictures of themselves to his forum. He says this does not count as a "body video".
  • December 21 - Greg defends himself from the article and DramaAlert report by saying everything he is doing is legal and he is helping girls with their body image issues. He announces he will no longer make these videos.

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