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Welcome to Life of Onion
"Attempting to chronicle the odd online life of the character Onision in a respectful manner."
Unbiased source for Bananas, Smurfs, and drama lovers alike!
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MilitaryGreg3.jpg Greg served in the US Air Force from 2005 to 2008. For years Greg claimed to have an honorable discharge, but in 2017 it was revealed he actually received a general discharge (Read more)

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Timeline of Greg's relationships as an adult as of February 2017. Triangles are marriages.
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"Everyone who reads this, I want you to know, it's not that I am wicked, nor am I good... I'm just a villain with morals... that's all ~"
- Onision, 2005 (Source)
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  • January 15 - Onision: In Real Life premieres episode 1 on the Investigation Discover channel.
  • January 14 - Greg finds out the invoices were faked and send an email back apologizing to the commentary channels.
  • January 14 - Greg receives an email troll with fake proof Shiloh and Edwin were paid for their O:IRL interviews. Greg emails the fake invoices to various commentary channels.
  • January 11 - Greg begings streaming his O:IRL repsonse videos on loop on his OnisionArchive channel. He continues streaming hours of loops of his videos on Archive, Twitch, and his OnisionLive Twitter account throughout the week.
  • January 11 - Greg uploads a series of 8 video responding to episode 2 of Onision: In Real Life.

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Happy new year! If you haven't already heard, a documentary about Onision is going to premiere tomorrow. (Info about the doc) I created a guide on following Onision for anyone new to the Onision side of the internet. Hopefully that will be helpful to anyone overwhelmed on where to go to keep up with the lastest Onision news and discussions.

On another note, I have seen people describe this website as inactive. I apologize I do not update it frequently. My blog is my main priority and I update this site when I can. You can look at the "Recent changes" page to see what pages were recently updated.

I am going to try to bring back the Onision Updates to the Life of Onion homepage with the new year. I have not done this since 2016. It is a bit of a pain in the ass to keep up with, but it does help create a timeline of the past year so I believe it is worth doing.

Keeping my shout out to Youowe Me on Youtube who continues to help me greatly with the Deleted Videos pages.

If you need to contact me I'm OnisionDrama on tumblr and OnionDrama on twitter.

- Admin

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