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Welcome to Life of Onion
"Attempting to chronicle the odd online life of the character Onision in a respectful manner."
Unbiased source for Bananas, Smurfs, and drama lovers alike!
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MilitaryGreg3.jpg Greg served in the US Air Force from 2005 to 2008. For years Greg claimed to have an honorable discharge, but in 2017 it was revealed he actually received a general discharge (Read more)

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Timeline Feb 2017.png
Timeline of Greg's relationships as an adult as of February 2017. Triangles are marriages.
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"The only way I could recover from my fall was to make her the bad guy... I would make up excuses as to why she was wrong for me, suggest that she treated me wrongly, that she did not care about anyone ~ I was almost to the point of sayings he had no soul ~ not to degrade her, but to save myself from more heart ache..."
- Onision, 2005 (Source)
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Hey I'm alive. I've been slowly getting back into editing more frequently. Thank you for being patient with me. I have a lot of plans for more current articles, but they require a lot of research so they will take time. I also plan on fixing up some bigger articles.

If you're a Youtuber and you use this website in your video, PLEASE credit this site. At the very least put a link in your video description. I'm only one person and I make no money off of doing this. I pay out of pocket to keep this site up and researching and writing articles is a very slow and meticulous process for me. I'm totally fine with Youtubers using this site as a research shortcut, that's one of it's main purposes, but just give me a little credit.

If you need to contact me I'm OnisionDrama on tumblr.

- Admin

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