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Luxy's reaction to Billie's return
Luxymoo was a young woman that had a short unofficial relationship with Lainey and Greg when they were looking for a new girlfriend in late 2016.


Luxymoo was a fan of Lainey and Greg's. She had been tweeting at each of them since February 2016. According to Luxy, she first came in contact with Lainey when Lainey took notice of her selfie and re-tweeted it. Luxy developed a private relationship with Lainey, but claims she was pushed by Greg to get into a three way relationship even though she didn't want it, which is why she says the relationship ultimately ended.

Drama Followers began to take notice of Luxy when she would have public conversations with Lainey and Greg separately on twitter after Greg and Lainey broke up with Billie. Some speculated she could be the next Billie. She also had blue hair, similar to Billie. After Lainey and Greg took Billie back, Luxy's reaction on twitter tipped off drama blogs and sites that she may have been involved.

On December 16, 2016, the troll "MilkAnon" shared screen shots of a private twitter conversation they had with Luxy to a drama image board. When Luxy found out, MilkAnon convinced her to share her story on the site. Luxy told her story without getting into personal details and answered some questions. She said she shared her story because the blogs that had been posting her tweets mixed tweets about her personal life with tweets about her relationship with Greg and Lainey and she wanted to get the record straight. She said she was not trying to expose anyone. (Source) Posts can be read here.

The next day, Greg interrupted the UhOhBro video "People Who Were Caught Cheating" to announce he was emailed by someone informing him Luxymoo was "talking crap" about him. This person sent Greg cropped screen shots of Luxy talking about Greg with MilkAnon, which Greg shared in his video. He shared Luxy's twitter in his videos and told his fans to ask her about the situation. ($ource)

Later that same day, he uploaded "We Moved On, You Should Too" where he reveals Luxy was duped by someone with fake screen shots (MilkAnon) into revealing information about himself and Lainey. He reads through the screen shots released by MilkAnon and defends himself from what Luxy says. He says he did not pressure her into a three way relationship because at first she said she would be okay with that and said Greg was handsome. When she changed her mind, he told her it would be okay for her to just date Lainey. He says the relationship ended because she acted like she didn't want to be with Laieny anymore. He also says Lainey blocked her because she was a "snake". ($ource)

Luxy privated her twitter and changed her "Luxymoo" twitter username.