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Greg shows one of LaineyAnon's screen shots in a video
LaineyAnon is the nickname for someone that had an unofficial relationship with Greg's wife Lainey in early 2016. They shared their story and screen shots on two separate occasions on a drama image board.

Throughout the years, many girls have come and gone claiming to have had an online relationship or friendship with Lainey only for Lainey to cut them out of her life without an explanation. This one provided screen shots to back up their story.

Greg breifly shows one of LaineyAnon's screen shots in a video and tells Lainey to block this person for sharing their private conversations. ($ource)

Earlier posts to be added. Images might be added, it's mostly just flirting back and forth with Lainey.

1st Thread

(need to dig up)

2nd Thread

This time, LaineyAnon shared more information when Luxymoo (Luxy) and MilkAnon (onision sucks) also shared their experiences with Greg and Lainey. (Source) December 16, 2016

LaineyAnon's posts are purple.

Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324420>>324424>>324427

>>324405 YOOOOO IM SO SORRY. Lainey said ALL the same things to me that Greg said to you. That I seemed "trustworthy" and explained that she ~normally doesn't do this~ when she gave me her cell number. I was also barely 19 when it happened. Holy fuck. Seeing all this is like reopening wounds. I feel so bad for you and Hayley.

Did they just drop all contact and act like they didn't even know you, too???
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324424>>324428


Got any screenshots?
onision sucks 10 hours ago No. 324427>>324439


yep when i started to back out….he got pretty mad and then just……. stopped answering
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324428

File (hide): 1481943825690.png (134.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1510.PNG)



I'm digging through our twitter convos now anon gimme a few. I did find this tho, you can see my message reaching out to her after the first cuddlegate, and my other message being totally ignored.
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324439>>324442>>324445

File (hide): 1481944402515.png (151.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1513.PNG)



SAME. When I told Taylor I wasn't interested in Greg she dropped me completely. I had a weird feeling he read all our convos too. Also just digging through and finding interesting things.
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324445>>324450


Lol cause it was never about Lainey. It was about finding him another girlfriend that lainey agrees to. Not the other way around.
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324450>>324454

File (hide): 1481944851096.png (159.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1511.PNG) [LA3]


It really never was I guess. I was really hurt when Billie showed up. I wasn't hearing back from Taylor for a couple days and just assumed she was busy with school and Troy but NOPE. Just got a different gf. Also she and Jess were never dating, probably because she's a lesbian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anonymous 10 hours ago No. 324511>>324518

>>324509 MilkAnon, LaineyAnon and LuxyMoo are heroes.

Shit man, we need to blast this far and wide. Maybe make a video of the screencaps and put it on YT. Get the word out to young girls.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324518>>324528

File (hide): 1481947263052.png (160.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1512.PNG) [la4]


I wish I had more milk to spill y'all i really do. Back when we were talking, Greg very much had the charade that this was all for Taylor very much alive. I honestly thought I'd only be dating her, not him. With the amount of genuine girls who seem to care about Taylor, it's shocking that she's keeping Billie around.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324582>>324586>>324588>>324594>>324595>>324750
I did not ask Lainey if they wanted a threesome. Lainey didn't talk to me about details of anything. We talked about netflix, flirty stuff, how our days were, what we were up to. All of the detailed conversations about the three way relationship was with Greg.
Luxy 9 hours ago No. 324577>>324584>>324585>>324589>>324592>>324594>>324595>>324599>>324750
They don't really have any private info on me. If he wanted to, he could make a video. I don't want that, but what choice did I have? Let people keep thinking that i'm this certain way when I'm not? I would hope this situation isn't big enough for him to want to do that. That's why I didn't want to be in any kind of spotlight. Let me be clear. I wanted a relationship with Lainey at first. I wouldn't have continued talking to them if I didn't. Heck, even after it all went down I STILL liked them. A lot. But I knew I couldn't be what they wanted. Having them BOTH wasn't what i wanted. Having someone who couldn't be exclusive to me wasn't what I wanted. I thought I could try, and maybe that was wrong. I should have been 100% certain before jumping into it and I apologized a million times for that. I take responsibility for that. Even if you guys don't feel like that was wrong, i still feel bad about that part.
Anonymous 9 hours ago No. 324594

>>324577 >>324582 It's almost scary how identical our situations were,,,,,wow I'm sorry girl. I know it hurts. I was the same, I used a new nickname for all my online interactions with Taylor, keeping myself out of the spotlight and keeping everything extremely private. I was going to visit them, but never planned on participating in videos.

The betrayal hurt SO bad, but out of respect for Taylor I stayed quiet. Now I'm just mad. Completely enraged that they pulled this shit with not only one, but two other girls. And lord knows who else.