I'm So Death Machine

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I'M SO DEATH MACHINE music video (Source)
I'M SO DEATH MACHINE, now re-named I'm So Military, is a song and music video created by Greg.


Greg uploaded "I'M SO DEATH MACHINE" to his Onision channel on July 29, 2008. He created this song when he was trying to get fired from the US Air Force. He believed creating this video would cause him to be kicked out or jailed in South Korea, which is where he was stationed at the time.

The video consists of Greg in his military uniform saying the words to his song and doing various military associated actions such as push-ups and marching. (Source)

Original Video Description:

A anti-war song about the military and death. Anything said negative is not directed at any country, but more specifically the governments and armies of countries.

Please refrain from flaming this video, whatever you have to say about me, you likely do not have the information one would need in order to pass the judgment you have in your mind.

I hope this opens some eyes, and closes no positive doors.

I wish the best for the world, and yet I am not willing to condone any kind of violence. This is just my stand, and is non-negotiable.

A day after uploading the video, Greg wrote a blog post about how the video had been forwarded to his boss, just as he expected. He complains that his work does not realize he's doing more damage than good and that they had fired screw ups before, but when he asked to be let go with no screw ups on his record, they instead "torture" him with "meaningless tasks" and a paycheck he doesn't need. He goes on to say if he disappears, you know why and to raise hell and not to let the revolution die.

(Click "Expand" to read the blog post.)

July 30, 2008
The Future in Question
Someone from my work saw my most recent video "I'M SO DEATH MACHINE" --- they did exactly what I expected them to. They forwarded my video to the biggest boss there is at my work.

Either I'm going to jail, or I'm going to be fired soon, it has come to that.

When I made the video, I was very careful to not violate any significant rules - I did not state who I worked for, I did not state I was representing them, there was no indication of what specific section of the organization I belonged to --- in general, people don't even know what I do for a living, which is exactly what I'm supposed to insure.

I keep wondering when my work is going to realize that I am doing more damage than I am good, they've released everyone who screwed up at work already, but when I request removal with no screw-ups whatsoever, and do so based on religious and moral obligation --- they instead torture me with meaningless tasks, and give me a paycheck I don't need to somehow make me feel better about it all.

I'm still cleaning the devils' feet while he kills hundreds every day, yes, I'm not doing it myself, but certainly am helping.

They just don't get it.

Regardless, like I said, if I disappear, than you know why, it means I'm in some prison in South Korea.

Someone made the attack on me, bringing in mention of my wife... it disgusts me.

I hope anyone who reads this will raise hell if I do disappear... I would hate to let the revolution die because of my absence. I would hate to be away from my family because I stood up for what I believed in.

And yet I still regret nothing, because I have done everything I could to ensure that my faith, my morals and integrity are not put into question. I've done what I thought was best, regardless of the mindless punishment that is to be placed on my head.

Greg deleted the video some time after that, but re-uploaded it to the same channel on April 23, 2009 this time with the name "I'm So Military".

New Video Description:

True heroes do not take lives, they save them ~ honor supports not the intent to harm others, but rather lies in the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others.

I am an ally of integrity before any country. I will not follow blindly, and thus I see the ugliness in this reality.

This killing will never end on the path we have chosen, instead we must collectively refuse to murder.

Real peace is achievable, but not through war. Rather peace is something obtained through bold non-violent action and representation.

Lead by example, and others will follow.

Universal refusal to kill, no matter the circumstance. Non-lethal tactics exclusively. We must refuse to become what we fight.

We must protect the world, not just a portion of it. We must save everyone, not just ourselves.

Good people are all over this world, even in the homes of your “enemy”. You are the person you fight, and in this killing them is suicide.

Song available for download now at http://www.onision.com (click on the music link on the main page)

Sources of Information:
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In 2016, Greg talked about this song in a video: "I literally made this video when I was in the Air Force and somebody threatened to tell my boss at work that I made it. Guess what happened? Nothing. None of the higher ups actually cared." In this video, Greg acts like he was shocked someone would threaten him with this video, then acted like it was obvious his boss would not care. ($ource) This is the exact opposite reaction he had about the situation in his 2008 blog.


Let me stand of strait for you.
Let me represent.
Let me pretend I respect you,
But first let me vent.

Don’t be scared of the facts,
You fear me making the call,
You’re afraid the truths I tell,
You wish I would just go AWOL.

I’m So Death Machine
I’m So Heroic
I’m So Military
I’m So Prehistoric

Let me tell you a story about a boy,
He grew up believing in freedom & choice,
Yet when he joined the military,
They took his freedom & silenced his voice.

He said he was against every form of killing,
In Korea he found the world was gray,
He told your he found his morals & religion,
And yet you’ve ignored him even to this day.

Let me tell them what you did in the desert,
Let me tell them about the families you’ve killed,
War is so patriotic, and you’re heroes,
But if it was your family I’m sure you wouldn’t be so thrilled.

Is this the house of the enemy? I don’t know.
Screw it, lets raid it anyway.
Lets kill everyone inside, and call ourselves patriots,
The government will cover us the whole way.

It’s all fine and dandy,
As long as johnny boy comes back,
But johnny is now a murderer,
Your real son died in Iraq.

Welcome to the world we live in,
Where boys grow to be wicked and cruel,
We are just more demons of the desert,
And yet we have the whole country fooled.

I’m not going to stand by and comply sir,
I’m not going to let you turn me into a killer sir,
You know I’m the only person in the military with integrity,
Because I’m the only one who refuses to murder mindlessly… sir.

I signed believing a lie, now I’ve found my destiny,
I understand that well, and your prison is next to liberty.

I won’t kill women and children like you have,
Everyone has friends and family,
How would you feel if I killed your family?
I see… Ignorance is your only reality.

They say we’re imprisoned and obligated,
They say we’ll go to jail, and they’ll throw away the key,
But I’d rather be in jail than contributing to their war,
I’d rather have a pure soul, over being a tool of liberty.

Judge me as if you know me,
Speak of me as a coward and a traitor,
Defend murder, war, atrocities in your countries name.
Because your a true patriot for promoting needless slaughter.

You act as if your country is the only one that’s free,
Yet we’re the only one in full fledged war,
You think this is all ok because it’s someone else’s life,
What if it was your family that was killed?
What if the soldiers chose to kick down your door.