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Greg kissing a picture of his Hannah in the 2017 video "Kissing My Ex Girlfriend"
MissHannahMinx, or Miss Hannah Minx, was a well-known YouTuber that worked with Onision in 2010. They had a brief unofficial online relationship in 2011.

According to Greg, they became decent friends. After she left YouTube, they lost contact and Greg made a few videos about her disappearance.

For years since her departure from YouTube, Hannah has been a big subject of Greg's channels. He began a series using a look-a-like as a Hannah Minx character in sketch videos on his Onision channel. Also, he brings up Hannah Minx as a topic on his UhOhBro and Speaks channels and uses her pictures in his video thumbnails.


Greg and Hannah collaborated in YouTube videos together a few times throughout 2010. They never seemed to have met up in person, only filming from their own homes.

Greg and Hannah's first collab.
Their first video collab was on April 13, 2010. She and Greg uploaded their collab videos to their main channels. Greg's video was titled "BRUTAL METAL FAIL" ($ource) and Hannah's was titled "DETH METAL Date". (Source)

Their next collaboration was "DATE TAPE ORGY", uploaded on May 15, 2010. This video was a massive collaboration with a lot of well-known YouTubers of the time. (This video is a good example of Greg's YouTube fame and position in the community at the time.) All of the YouTubers, along with Hannah, submitted creepy dating profile videos and Greg's Rod Danger character reacted to them. ($ource)

In a 2013 video, when reflecting back on working with Hannah, Greg says once when working on a video together, he wrote a script where his character "perved out on her", referring to him staring at her boobs. He says Hannah did not like that and had him change the script. ($ource)

Secret Relationship

"She Wanted My Body, Not My Heart"
In late 2011, there had been a bit of talk among viewers about Greg and Hannah dating. It was dismissed as rumors due to neither of them publicly mentioning dating one another. Especially since Greg had been very open about his dating life that year.

On August 24, 2011, Greg upload " "She Wanted My Body, Not My Heart" to his Speaks channel. The description to the video read "Cry, cry, cry... and then... hopefully heal ~ that's been my life as of late." In the video, Greg says right before filming a video with BlackBoxTV, he was dumped by someone he was not officially dating. He sucked it up, filmed the video, ate at Denny's, then cried on the highway. Then came home and tried not to cry in-front of his roommate, Cyr. He finished his night by crying in the shower and finally went to bed at 5 a.m., still crying. The following morning, he talked on the phone with the ex-girlfriend and realized she wanted sex without love, which he does not believe in ($ource)

Two months later, in October 2011, a long email written by Greg's (then) recent ex Adrienne was released to the public. In the email, Adrienne wrote about how Greg was upset over an "e-fling" he had with a YouTuber that propositioned him for a threesome. (Source)

In 2012, after revealing his girlfriend, Taylor, to his audience, Greg received a lot of criticism for dating another teenager. To defend himself, he listed the ages of everyone he had dated during his YouTube career. In-between Shiloh and Adrienne's ages, he listed a 23 year old and beside it he wrote, "(a relationship with a popular YouTuber he never announced)". (Source) Since Hannah turned 23 that year, it became a popular theory that Hannah was the YouTuber he dated, although technically Hannah would have still been 22 when they dated.

In 2016, the producer of Annah Minx (see below) confirmed that Greg told him that he and Hannah dated online. (Source) This would make sense as Hannah lived in Japan in 2011.

On February 14, 2017, Greg confirmed in a video that Hannah was the YouTuber he "secretly dated". He says he asked her out over the phone. He says two weeks into the relationship he told her he loved her. He says she did not feel the same way and broke up with him over the phone. He emphasizes that he broke up with a majority of his exes, but she did break up with him. He says it was sad and embarrassing for him and he speculates this might be why he mentions her so much in videos. He says because Hannah is no longer on the internet she "no doubt" no longer cares is he reveals their past relationship. ($ource)

Departure From YouTube

Hannah abruptly left YouTube in 2013 with no announcement, leaving fans with no answers or closure. Some began to speculate what had happened to her.


In 2014, Greg began a short video series to get viewers talking about Hannah's abrupt disappearance from social media and to have Hannah reach out to him.

Greg uploaded a video titled "Hannah Minx is Missing?" to his Speaks channel on January 31, 2014. He starts off the video by showing the viewers that he is listed as a "Rad Channel", Hannah's hand-picked featured channels, on her YouTube page. He points out Hannah had not uploaded a video in 5 months. He interrupts the video to show his viewers Andy Biersack's father tweeted him. Greg puts on a sticker mustache and announces the video will be themed "Hannah Minx Come Back". The video consists of Greg going through pictures of Hannah and making comments and jokes about her and fans that took pictures with her. He points out her last tweet was in October. ($ource)

On April 8, 2014, Greg uploads another video about Hannah to his Speaks channel titled, "Hannah Minx Is Missing - #HannahMinxMIA". Greg begins this video by telling his viewers he is a decent friend of Hannah's. He says he texted her and she never texted him back. He says she usually calls him every 2 or 3 months to catch up. He says now that it's been going on that long, he is beginning to get worried and he asked around and no one knows where she went. He asks if anyone is in contact with her to tell her to tweet to let people know she is alive. He points out her last social media updates were about seeing fans at Comic Con and that her YouTube career was doing well. Greg says Hannah was always supportive of him and was kind to him. He says he doesn't believe she would turn her back on him or her audience. He shows rumors that have been going around and he says as a friend he is worried. ($ource)

This series of videos started a small movement of people trying to figure out what could have happened to Hannah. Popular theories began to spread that she was murdered or kidnapped. It was revealed she left Youtube for a private life with her new husband. (Source)

Greg responded to this news on May 11, 2014: "I was told Hannah Minx is "moving on" from YouTube, so any girls with amazing boobs want to teach people Japanese? PLEASE FILL THE VOID!" (Source)

Other Videos

UhOhBro in 2016
On August 14, 2013, a couple of months before Hannah left YouTube, Greg uploaded a roast video about Hannah titled "HANNAH MINX (censored)". In the video, Greg searches for pictures under "Miss Hannah Minx is an idiot" and comments and makes jokes about them. ($ource)

After finding out why Hannah abandoned her social media, Greg changed the tone of his videos about her. He would often use her her pictures in his video thumbnails and occasionally her name in a video title, despite only talking about her for a brief time in the videos. For example, in the July 16, 2014 Speaks video "Onision Hates His Fans (+ Hannah Minx Fan Reality)", Greg explains why he believes he should not thank his fans for his success. He uses Hannah Minx for a short part of the video as an example. He shows that her fans stopped tweeting about her after she left YouTube. He says she abandoned them. ($ource)

Greg continues to regularly talk about Hannah Minx on his channels and uses her images in the thumbnails of his UhOhBro and Speaks videos. (Example to the right)

Minx Character / Annah Minx

Main Article: MissHannahMinx (Character)
Greg parodies Hannah Minx ($ource)
After her leave from YouTube, Greg began using Miss Hannah Minx as a character in his videos. The character's role began as parodies of Hannah's YouTube persona, but he later began using the character in situations unrelated to Hannah.

At first, Greg played the character. In 2015, he began hiring a woman that looked similar to Hannah to play his character version of her. They eventually decided to stick with the character, but name her Annah Minx.

An Annah Minx YouTube channel was created in May 2015 and continues to consistently uploads videos. (Source) Greg occasionally still makes videos with "Annah Minx".

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