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Greg and Kai's Guinea Pigs
Greg and Kai had two Guinea Pigs from 2016 to 2017.


On March 20, 2016, Kai uploaded the video "Boyfriend Girlfriend Date 2". In the video, Greg and Kai go to Petco and purchase a white a gold guinea pig. ($ource) Many video commentators were concerned Greg and Kai only purchased one guinea pig as they should be bought in pairs to keep them from being lonely. Kai replied to the top comments and said he did not know that and they will purchase another one. (Source) Soon after, Greg and Kai purchased a grey guinea pig.

To many viewers, it was apparent Greg and Kai did not know how to take care of guinea pigs. One of the first things viewers noticed was they kept them in a glass tank

In September 2017, Greg and Kai began receiving criticism after adopting a new dog, Caterpie, after they'd been saying they were financially struggling for months. Greg responded to the criticism with a video explaining an actress he works with, Madison, took the two guinea pigs so that freed up some of their pet expenses. ($ource)