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List of videos deleted from Onision's YouTube channels.

Format: Video Title (Date Uploaded) "YouTube video description." "Facebook status about it" (Source) Re-upload Link

Note: Some Onision main channel videos may have just been re-uploaded to the OnisionArchive channel under a different name.


Onision (Main)

  • [Unknown Title] (February 24) "Skye and I had fun on our adventure... :)" (Source)
  • Nude Hooker Found In Dumpster (February 28) "HORRIBLE NEWS!!! A DEAD Hooker was found in a dumpster today behind Mickey J's Fish ship. Find out more from our reporter Sam Mich live on scene." (Source)
  • Compact 82 (December 11) "The structures of man. We built this place. Seeking financial freedom, We find not a trace. Numbers & graphs, they see, Subjects of gain. Watch their wallets grow. And with it our pain. You Wish to lose your shackles? You demand a better fate. Only [cut off]" "totally different than the norm :)" (Source)

Onision Speaks

  • Friends In Love (August 1) "Someone asked about my feelings for Skye... I'm happy to answer :)" (Source)


Onision (Main)

  • Your American Boyfriend (January 15) "I'm your boyfriend, hold me, love me!!!" (Source) Re-upload
  • Shiloh Forgot Me (June 23) "This is not a joke, Shiloh agreed to this video being released. I would do exactly the same thing if I were in her shoes... I'd want people to know. If my mi...[cut off]" "New... very sad... Onision main channel video ~" (Source) Re-Upload
  • HOT NEW RAPPER!!! (July 23) "Introducing a brand new rapper, find out who it is by watching this video!!! Kind of messed up song dude. But definitely a hot new raper man." "This guy's just offensive..." (Source)

Onision Speaks

  • Shiloh or GTFO (May 3) "If you don't like Shiloh - UNSUBSCRIBE ALL MY CHANNELS AND GTFO" (Source)
  • Where Are The Scars? (?) (Source)
  • She Fixed Me (September 13) "Before I was even there she taught me multiple lessons, basically giving me a crash course on relationships, emotions and just being a reasonable/healthy per...[cut off]" "To My Girlfriend" (Source)
  • Single Again (September 14) "Yes, another break up video from Onision... I'm getting sick of it too, I know, it's getting lame... I've just screwed up the last relationship too much to g...[cut off]" (Source)
  • I'm A Lama (September 21) "And I go on, and on and on again :)" (Source)
  • She's Right (September 22) (Source)
  • I Will Not Fight Her (September 22) "Even though I've been attacked/humiliated by someone I love... I just can't fight her back... I won't... I just want to stop hurting... I feel so betrayed, s...[cut off]" "Remember when I took the blame for everything? I cannot fight the one I love... I just can't" (Source)
  • Goodbye Dear (September 22) "I had a through video response to Adrienne's attacks on me being prepared and then I remember what it looks like... what it sounds like... what it feels l...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Respect My Decisions (September 26) (Source)
  • Desperate For A Home (September 27) "Please do not take this analogy TOO literally, some things said do not relate to the actual situation, others do. All in all, I'm just happier, which I'm supe...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Innocent Innocent Innocent (October 17) (Source)
  • Do Birthdays Matter? (October 21) "My mom called me yesterday morning telling me it was her birthday and I responded saying I didn't care about age... my mom was upset I didn't jump to say hap...[cut off]" (Source)
  • I’m Sorry Mom :P (October ?) (Source)
  • Get Featured (December 6) "Would you like to have your channel promoted/be featured in an Onision video? If so, upload a fan video and include "onision" in the tags. You may end up get...[cut off]" (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • Why Women Won't Dance With Me (September 14) "I don't get it, I'm a really good dancer... why won't women dance with me?" (Source)
  • Jealous B!tch (September 17) "My girlfriend went through my phone when I was asleep and found a girl's number... she thought I was cheating... problem is, I had no idea who the girl was e... [cut off]" "No music, no censors... interested?" (Source)


Onision (Main)

  • Chibi Gets Frostbite (February 5) "When you see a movie where people fall into ice water and they somehow can still function after a couple minutes of being submerged *cough* Italian Job *coug[cut off]" "I wasn't kidding... OMG ~" (Source)

Onision Speaks

  • HATERS GONNA HATE (March 13) "Aint nothin you can do, haters gonna hate." (Source)
  • Any Three Items (April 27) "If you could have any three items in the world, what would they be?" (Source)
  • RANTING AND RAVING (April ?) (Source)
  • Drunk People & Sex (May 5) "Is it the same as rape os you sleep with someone who is drink (or you're drink)? My opinion is that it's wrong, but not the same. What is yours? The original...[cuts off]" (Source)
  • Evolution = Satanism (May 8) "Evolution is stupid... and I'm going to prove it." (Source)
  • Don't Vlog & Drive (May 14) "It's wrong, you know it is, so stop." (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • NOM NOM Crackers (January 8) "Blegh... after making this video I checked this site: [link] ~ turns out sodium is a no no...[cut off]" "Nibbles nibbles crackers XD ~" (Source)
  • Batman Jumps A Fence (January 31) "What it would look like in real life if a noob batman tried to jump a fence... oh wait... this is real life... derp." "Another unedited clip of how it really happened :)" (Source)
  • [Unknown Title, Dubbed "Webcam Video"] (February 8) Re-Upload
  • I Fell In Love (February 25) "I created this song quite a few years ago... however I decided to turn this into a music video considering its surprising relevance to my life right now. The...[cut off]" (Source)
  • ADELE - ET FIRE TO THE RAIN - Feat. Onision (Not Official, Just Another Ridiculous Parody) (May 12) "NOTE: I LOVE ADELE, SHE IS A BRILLIANT SINGER, BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED, THEY LYRICS IN THIS SONG ARE ABOUT SHARRON BARRON (the character seen in this video) [cut off]" "My Adele parody... did I just piss off a lot of people? Again? LOL!" (Source)
  • My Confession (Not to be confused with two other videos he uploaded with the same title. This seemed to be a jump scare video.) (July 30) "I have to say this... it's so important to me." "Don't share this with your grandparents..." (Source)
  • My Birthday :) (November 8) "Tiffany Jo Allen sent me a gift :) Decided to open it on camera as I don't get a lot of gifts and it was really nice of her!" "MY BIRTHDAY!!! :)" (Source)


Unknown Channel

  • How To Eat A Banana (December 23) "For everyone who is dumber than a monkey, this is your one stop solution to figuring out how to eat a banana." (Source)



  • Before and After ? (April 4) (Source)

Unknown Year

Unknown Channel

  • Bitter Divorce (Late 2010 - Early 2011) Re-Upload
  • Onision's Divorce Was A Mistake? (Late 2010 - Early 2011) (Source)
  • Leave Skye Alone (Late 2010 - Early 2011) (Source)
  • Greg & Skye Divorced (Late 2010 - Early 2011) (Source)