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List of videos deleted from Onision's YouTube channels.

Format: Video Title (Date Uploaded) "YouTube video description." "Facebook status about it" (Source) Re-upload Link

Note: Some Onision main channel videos may have just been re-uploaded to the OnisionArchive channel under a different name.


Only his main channel existed at this point.

Date Title Description Notes
February 17 Embarrassing Moments I expose the three darkest realities of my history. Unfortunately they all relate to my marriage, and I capture all the events on camera just for this video.

I was tagged by DaveyDaquiri who is F’ing awesome for tagging me, as I’ve never been tagged before, and am so humble to have watched his video even uttering my name.

(Source) Re-Upload
March ? Strip Dance of Shame Re-Upload
March ? Strip Dance of Shame (Extended) Re-Upload
May 10 Vlog - Pray For Me Re-Upload
May 20 AIDS Recruitment Video (uncensored version) (Source)
May 21 I'm so Robot A tribute to today's politicians, news programs, elderly, mentality and overall leadership of the world.

This video was not created to stir debate, or offend anyone. I composed, wrote & "sang" this song for the objective of expressing myself, and my views, legitimate or not.

(Source) Re-Upload
June 1 Date On Demand (with Optimus Prime) (Source)
June 3 I'M SO EMO 2 I'm So Emo is an original music video created to entertain, not offend.

This video is the sequel of the first "I'M SO EMO" music video and continues the story of Charlie the Emo, created by Onision.

(Source) Re-Upload
July 2 Piñata Massacre You've never seen a piñata massacre quite like this one. Hollow cardboard creatures are torn to pieces, ripped limb from limb in the worst ways possible... or... actually... in the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE. (Source)
July 4 Impersonation Contest Are you good at doing impressions of people? GOOD! Why not give an Onision character a try? You could win an autographed photo, your name posted in one of my videos, and some of my used crap if you do the best impersonation in the most interesting/funny way. (Source) Re-Upload
July 5 Viking Vlog - Sampson's Hair Todays topics are (1) My hair is as precious to me as Sampson's hair was to him (2) The YouTube haters who hate on multiple videos, not just one (3) The YouTubers who like to write me about how I offended them, and how all their friends are mad at me for offending them. (Source)
July 5 QnA With Onision - Episode 4 This episode may upset you, but I'm thinking about seriously filtering the questions I get because OMG! It sometimes seem's the people asking the questions have never seen my videos before.
July 11 Onision is Racist I have been told that I am racist due to the video I posted yesterday. I feel it is time I expose my true stance on Racism so there are no further misconceptions of what kind of character I have. (Source)
July 12 Doctor Bad News Doctor Allen has a 99% failure rate when it comes to surgery, today is no different. Watch Dr. Allen as he tells the family members the bad news thanks to his severe malpractice issues. (Source)
July 13 How To Make Nerd Techno For Silly Ninnies Quak the British Nerd is here to teach you Techno in FOUR STEPS ONLY! (Source)
July 14 Emo Vlog - Thou Shalt Not Kill For anyone who ever questioned killing, war or violence in general. Emo Vlog is a one stop solution to ease most minds from their daily inquiries (Source)
July 17 Onision Bloopers - Episode 6 This episode takes you to "How to Circumcise a Baby From Home" and "Doctor Bad News" two recent episodes that had many people laughing, and not so many screaming angrily. (Source)
July 18 Vlog - Onision Featured on YouTube's Main Page What a surreal moment it was waking up at 5am, logging onto my YouTube account as I do every morning, and having to rub my eyes and blink repeatedly just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. (Source)
July 16 Vlog - Freedom of Censorship Many viewers are complaining that I am a censor buff, they’re so mad that I won’t let them talk, that they post on other people’s videos complaining about how I won’t give them a chance to chew me out publicly. (Source)
July 20 QnA With Onision - Episode 5 I have some more answers for your latest questions, if you would like to ask a question, please write my inbox, and if it has not already been asked, I will seriously consider your question for answering. (Source)
July 20 Tranny Phone Sex Leo the psychic gets a phone call from a tranny who is promoting 1-800-SAD-PEOPLE a phone sex company she works for. (Source)
July 25 Mother’s Padded Cell I’ve been deprived of uploading videos for five days now… I was taken from my cameras, my internet… I’m back now… but I wonder if I am the same as when I left… this video should help you decide. (Source)
July 26 I’M SO HATER A music video inspired by our lovely hater friends all over the intertube. (Source)
July 27 QnA With Onision - Episode 6 Find out everything you need to know about Onision, and post your own video response asking more :) (Source)
July 27 How To Be A Whore Not sure whether or not you or someone you know is a whore? After finishing this video, you may be certain! (Source)
July 30 Onision Philosophy - Episode 2 Why do aliens not invade? With such a large universe, why have no aliens communicated with us? The answers are clear, it’s time we face them. (Source)
August 1 Onision Philosophy - Episode 3 Today’s Subjects: The afterlife, portals to heaven/beyond. The light ghosts walk into, helping others through the Ouija board, pendulums, energy detectors or other forms of communication devices. Source
August 2 Unsubscribe and Die Congrats! You’ve been pre-approved to unsubscribe! Once you are an official unsubscriber you will receive one free complimetary video, but just in case you don’t want to unsubscribe, and just want to see the video now… we have it here for you!

It’s super secret, so only tell everyone else about it if you’re like a total gossip whore OMG!

August 3 Tastes Like Torture Ricky Tulsa has made up his mind… his next victim is revealed. A great battle between the surreal and sanity is about to be fought on one channel - The Onision Revolution.

Rick Tulsa was originally introduced in a failed Psychic book sales commercial. Since that time he has killed his sister, attempted to kill his mother, gotten in a fight with Zogtar and lost, and visited a shrink only to kill a Piñata.

Ricky Tulsa has completely lost his mind, and no longer roams the earth in the same realm as the rest of us do.

August 4 Onision Philosophy - Episode 4 Abortion is the topic of the day. Whether your pro-life or pro-choice, republican or democrat, I hope you give this perspective a listen.

If you do not agree with what I have to say, I appreciate you putting our differences aside, and not letting it ruin our overall positive relationship.

August 5 QnA With Onision - Episode 7 I have accepted one question from each viewer who submitted a list of questions. I hope you enjoy them. Source
August 6 I’M SO WHITE GANGSTER Music video for white gangster rappers all over the world. Source& lyrics, Re-Upload
August 7 Viking Vlog - Desperate for Flame I was accused of putting videos on YouTube for the sake of fame… we shall call this “The great Viking adventure on a quest for the holy fame!”
) Seriously though, really?
August 8 Onision Art Contest Whichever viewer creates and submits the best Onision art will receive $100. Please submit your art before September 8th, 2008. Re-Upload
August 9 Onision Bloopers - Episode 7 These bloopers contain clips from: I’M SO WHITE GANGSTER, Tastes Like Torture, Unsubscribe And Die, How To Be A Whore, & I’M SO NERDY Source
August 10 Vlog - Paint Fumes & Brain Damage I was painting today in a poorly ventilated area, with no mask… [sigh] I know smart? Well… my brain was temporarily (hopefully) effected by it, and I’ve decided I’m never painting without 100% protection in the future.

Please do not make the same mistake I did.

August 23 World Has Skillz Parody of “America’s Got Talent” which points out quite a few disturbing realities and of course completely humiliates Sally the transvestite once again. Source
August 12 I’M SO PEDOPHILE Music video about sexual predators on MySpace and around the web.

I’M SO PEDOPHILE is a song that is meant to discourage people from giving away person information through the internet to people you do not know already in person. Young or old, you can become a victim of a sexual predator, please be safe, and enjoy the video.

Source, Re-Upload
August 13 Onision Philosophy - Episode 5 When I watched the Olympics today, I witnessed a very cold and unsupportive team for the USA’s female gymnastics team. Alicia [...] screwed up on her routine, and her team failed to catch her fall. I am seeing it through the television screen, it is no where near as good as a first person perspective, however this is a universal problem, not just with the USA, but it’s worldwide.

We need to support one another. We need to be what we are, and stop acting like robots.

August 14 Pedophile Trap Those who are technically aiding pedophiles exposed themselves on one of my recent videos. Check out the feedback on “I’M SO PEDOPHILE” to see what I mean.

Regardless of what you have to say, we all know pedophilia is wrong. Children should be given a healthy, full childhood. No one should take away what innocence they have — they should never be betrayed when they rely on us the most.

Protect your children, protect each other, and stay smart.

August 15 YouTube Terms of Service Summary I’ve read over the policy, and searched the web. Hopefully this can help you better understand YouTube’s Terms of Use (Service). Source
August 16 Missing You, A Piece of Me A song I sang this morning when thinking of a friend I have not spoken to in some time…

I originally wrote a poem, however I decided not to recite those words, and instead just sing the first words that came to my mind.

The song you hear in this video, is what I came up with.

Re-Upload (Source/Lyrics)
August 16 Insane Fan Posse Onision fans unite to decimate all haters of Vighkel (the Viking) and friends. :D I hope this answers a few questions.

WARNING - this video does contain graphic scenes and very disturbing humor. If you’re into that kind of thing, awesome, if not RUN! AHHH!

In no way does Onision represent any company of any kind. This video should reflect upon no one but Onision. There are no sponsors, there are no associations. It’s just Onision.

Source, Re-Upload
August 17 Pedophile Confrontation Post a video response telling pedophiles what they need to hear, tell them they are not welcome around your friends and family, tell them they are not welcome in your neighborhood, let them know what they are doing is wrong.

If we don’t make a stand, and tell them loud and clear that we are against what they do, they’ll continue to make excuses, they’ll continue to convince themselves that it’s ok to be who they are.

Society does not keep the message in the open enough that the behavior is unacceptable.

For the sake of our world’s children, if it saves even one child, we have done a wonderful thing.

August 20 I'M SO NEWSWORTHY They control our information, they decide what information we take in daily. Who are they? Who funds them? Should any of them have a political stance? How is it possible to not put a bias on news when personal opinions are involved?

Why do we worship serial killers? Why do we focus on so much negativity and ignore true heroes?

The world is not doom and gloom. The world is what you make it.

Believe in the future of yourself, and those you love, and let the news keep telling us the world is coming to an end.

(Source) Re-Upload
August 23 World Has Skillz 2 Source, Re-Upload
August 24 Prehistoric Gang Bang Source
August 25 Izukia’s Epic Fail Source
August 26 Five Facts (YouTube Game) Source
August 27 Suicide Another Day Source (Not the same video as the one currently on speaks)
August 30 Dead Daughter Dance Re-Upload
September 4 Meaningless Survival Re-Upload
September 8 Murder of A Cult Leader (Source)
September 9 How To Be A Real Man (Source) Re-Upload
September 10 Human After Everything (Source)
September 11 Emo Goth Music Session 2

Renamed The Gothic Musician

I am a legitimate goth, there is no goth in the world who is more goth or emo than I am.

I am the definition of intense, the definition of dark, and the definition of enigma... because I like that word.

(Source, Source) Re-Upload
September 12 ZOMBIE FIGHT! When zombies have problems, they deal with it by morphing into a side scrolling fighter video game, and battle to the death... like real life. (Source) Re-Upload
September 14 Steve's Joint (Source)
September 15 World Domination Void

Renamed Onision vs The NWO

(Source, Source)
September 16 Are You A Whore? (Source)
September 17 Onision Sucks (Source)
September 18 Onision Photoshop Contest (Source)
September 19 Blocked By Onision (Source)
September 20 QnA With Onision - Episode 10 (Source)
September 21 Lazy Dates: Sally Re-Upload
September 22 How To Dance Sexy For all mating rituals, one should refer to this simple, quick and efficient "How To Dance Sexy" guide. (Source) Re-Upload
September 23 Manwoman Lovers (Source) Re-Upload
September 24 PS3 vs 360 vs Wii - Console War The one stop shop to find out the true importance behind the console wars.

PlayStation 3 is awesome, the Xbox 360 can hold it's own, and the Nintendo Wii can be so very fun, but which is better? Does it matter?

(Source) Re-Upload
September 25 Nutshot + 2x Goofy = Fun Time (Source)
September 26 Post Your Icky Face Show your regular face, and then post the most disturbing facial expression you can make. Today I realized that most people are what they make themselves. Beautiful people can look unattractive, and regular people can look beautiful all depending on what kind of vibe they send, what kind of expression they place on their face. You are what you make yourself to a certain degree... take advantage of this. If you like, you can discuss this further at Tags: post your icky face video response photos before and after picture photo pic pix ugliest facial expression prettiest ugly smile we are what make ourselves (Source, Source)
September 27 Pedo (Hurt Parody) This is a parody video of Johnny Cash's rendition of Nine Inch Nails' song "Hurt" - The tune is based of the actual song, but is not exactly the same, and is unique to this video. (Source)
September 28 Haters United: Emo Kids Onision keeps picking on Emo Kids! Even though he is one, that's no excuse! We must stop Onision, he is a mean jerk! The Haters United Group is here to stop this madness. (Source)
September 29 Techno Suxizzle Vighkel offers a public apology for recommending anyone listen to techno.

Having listened to the supposed "Greatest Dance Songs of All Time" a cold and sad realization has come across us all. And that is... that Techno Suxizzle.

Please fix techno by making tunes that are not for crazy people thank you.

September 30 How To Not Suck at YouTube Emo Charlie gives Steve instructions on how to un-Suck his video upload to YouTube.

In no way am I suggesting that I do not suck, nor am I suggesting I suck. In no way am I suggesting I am a ham sandwich, a volleyball instructor, a pirates fake leg or an expert on videos.

I'm just making a video, if you grow from it, wonderful... :)

October 1 Onision Goobers 9 Re-Upload
October 7 Lazy Dates: Edward Re-Upload
October 8 Onision Philosophy 5 I hope you have it in you to watch this from start to end. My hopes are it will change you for the better, that today will be a remarkable day for you, that today, you will see the world in a new light.

I want you to close your eyes, and imagine that everyone is a color… like crayons in a box. Then I want you to open your eyes and see how beautiful the colors are. Not everyone is the same color, but all the people who show their colors with good intent are equally vibrant and beautiful in their own way.

Now look in the mirror… are you a gorgeous yellow, a beautiful red… a pretty pink?

We are separated only by the line we draw in the sand…

I encourage you to liberate yourself from these superficial boundaries and see the world for what it is. See yourself for who you are…

No one can see your color shine if you hide it from the world.

October 9 Onision Is FAKE! You thought you knew Onision, you thought he was being honest with you all this time. But the truth is he’s a suicidal, cross-dressing, pill-popping psychopath!

I am Dylan, I uploaded this video to make sure you all knew who the real Onision was. He betrayed me, and now it’s time for some payback :) <— That’s my vengeance smile. It’s my favorite.

And if you don’t realize this is a joke by now… oh my.

Source, Re-Upload
October 10 You Gots Jokes Post a video response or comment of your favorite joke. :) Please keep it PG-13 :D And happy.

I look forward to reading, and watching you tell your favorite jokes.

October 11 THE NOISE MUST DIE! I am so sick of noise pollution! Jets flying over, kids hollaring non-stop outside, trucks driving by, some guy trying to sell apples with a megaphone, my kitty meowing and random other noises are blowing my mind!

It wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t trying to make videos… but dang it I am! LEAVE MY EARS ALONE!

October 12 As The Crotch Burns 2 Jimmy just caught his girlfriend Sally cheating on him with Tom, but what Jimmy doesn’t know is that Tom is not the only man Sally has been with behind Jimmy’s back.

Oh my, all you housewives in TV land get your popcorn ready, because this retardedly overly-dramatic emotional cesspool is waiting for you to devour with your succubus queen lifestyle. Ooh my indeed.

October 13 YouTube Emotions Source(& script)
October 14 How To Fold A T-Shit Learn how to fold a T-Shit once and for all. Stop listening to everyone else, take your shit in your hands, and fold it the right way.

Don’t let a single shit lie mashed up inside your drawers ever again… unfolded. Straiten your shits out, and make sure your shits are tidy.

Source, Re-Upload
October 15 Onision QnA 12 Today a couple people asked questions which suggested that had no idea what I represent, and generally who I am… it’s a bit much to ask everyone to watch all of my videos, but for the sake of not looking out of place, please watch a few before you send any.

I kept their names secret so they would not face any… flak for their off-questions.

Regardless, I look forward to future questions. Post a video response, or send my account an email to ask your own.

October 16 Puke Flavored Pie Ever hear or see something disgusting when you’re just about to take a bite of food? Kind of makes you want to barf… no? (Source, Re-Upload)
October 17 Viva Con Korea I live in Korea, I have for over a year. If you plan on coming here, or are interested in a quick low-down on the place, then this video will probably be refreshing to you. (Source) Re-Upload
October 18 Vote Over The Phone (Source)
October 19 Onision's SuperNote (Source)
October 20 Non-Voters Burn In Hell Re-Upload
October 21 The Onision Psyche (Source)
October 22 Jessie For Sheriff (Source)
October 23 The End of the Beginning There are significant changes coming about. Hopefully this video will both inform you of the future, and clarify my stance on a very important issue.

To keep in touch with me while I am away, please writ my inbox, comment below this video or join the forums at

I'm very excited to see you all again when I am better off. The exact date is to be determined. Look for me again in November.

(Source) Re-Upload
November 7 How To Take Good Pictures You're one stop guide to kicking sucking's butt. Never again will you suck at taking photos, because this is the Anti-Sucking guide... on photography. (Source) Re-Upload
November 25 Ogin Show Re-Upload
November 2 You Killed Halloween There's no question, you killed Halloween. This holiday is going to need a serious Phoenix Down if you want it to come back next year... jerk. Source, Re-Upload
November 3 The Future is Yet To Come A large portion pertains to speak of our future, Onision, the viewers and the world. While the rest of the video is what would be Onision QnA 13. Source
November 4 Jessie's Political Attack Ad Tired of every other commercial being more mud slinging making both canidates look like human garbage?


[barfs all over the place]

Source, Re-Upload
November 5 Onision Goobers 10 Onision's bloopers, deleted scenes, and extra content for the last month :) Re-Upload
November 6 Onision Viewer Art Re-Upload
November 8 NO! Mr. Fitzgerald, aspiring sex offender, gets a lesson on what no means, and in how many ways a person can say it. (Source) Re-Upload
November 9 The Ever Love (Ya Haaa!) (Original version) Re-Upload Edited version uploaded in 2018.
November 15 Last Minute Request Re-Upload
November 18 Gomo God

Renamed Feel The Burn (unfiltered version)

(Source) Re-Upload Greg re-uploaded this video on Dec 2, 2010 with a black and white filter under the name "Emo God".
November 19 Villain of God (uncut version) Re-Upload
December 10 Onision Conflict Re-Upload
December 12 Don't Boycott YouTube (Source)Re-Upload
December 17 Flush The Flesh (Source) Re-Upload
December 27 We Moo You Murder (Source) Re-Upload (in-between commentary)


Date Title Description Notes
January 29 Villain of Circumcision (Source, contains script) Re-Upload
February 14 Ghost Caught on Surveillance Camera Ghost caught in the kitchen and in the hallway on HD surveillance cameras. It is up to you to decide fact from fiction, however this time, you will know the truth when you see it. No smoke and mir... (Source)
February 16 (est) Blood, White & Blue (Source)
February 18 (est) Ghosts, Spirits and Demons (Source)
February 20 (est) Failed Tags and Contests (Source)
February 22 (est) Tag Lame (Source)
February 24 (est) Vegetarian Vomit (Source)
February 24 (est) Murder Eaters This is life and death, I promote life, you feed off death. Admit you are a monster...[cut off] (Source) Re-Upload
March 11 Doomsday 2010 There is no need to wait for 2012 when 2010 is just around the corner.

Prepare for the day the world will open it's eyes. Visit to learn the truth. Or I can just tell you right now if you have not figured it out. This video was made for entertainment purposes only, and holds no legitimacy. The end... of the world? No.

(Source) Re-Upload
March 30 (est) Villain of God (Source) Re-Upload
March 31 (est) Whale Attack! (Source)
April 6 Murder Eaters Meat consumption is a way of the past. Those who still eat flesh today are primitive. Vegetarians are the future. (Source) Re-Upload
April 17 Hulu Tube - YouTube Conspiracy Theory Many channels have been spamming YouTube with ill-thought propaganda based on more rumor than fact. (Source)
April 18 How to Pimp Your YouTube Channel Sweet custom designs for your YouTube public user page. This a DIY guide on how to make a background that is relevant to your page layout.

If you are a YouTube partner watching this, you should first create a banner that is the maximum width and height of your allowed size for the top of your page, make it completely transparent, and then upload it (making it so the background area near the banner in fact looks like the banner itself) You can get the program I used to design my background at: This strategy also works with MySpace and other popular sites.

May 29 Your Enemy: You ([Source])
May 25 Print Screen Scam ([Source])
April 18 The Asian in Caucasian ([Source])
May ? All Praise Our Perverted Christian God (Source)
June 4 Yay Gay Boo God (Source)
August 8 Gay Straight Guy (HD) Yes, you caught me, I'm gay, I'm strait, I'm bisexual and I'm a-sexual (well... not exactly) --- but really, lets settle this.

Vote in the comments for what gender you think I prefer... it's sooo important that you know, and I can't decide, so please do it for me.

(Source) Re-Upload


Date Title Channel Description Notes
February 24 [Unknown Title] Main Skye and I had fun on our adventure... :) (Source)
February 28 Nude Hooker Found In Dumpster' Main HORRIBLE NEWS!!! A DEAD Hooker was found in a dumpster today behind Mickey J's Fish ship. Find out more from our reporter Sam Mich live on scene. (Source)
March 22 Nudist Colony Rejection Main Re-Upload
March 23 Unfair Censorship: Onision Flagged Main Source Re-Upload
April 17 BANANA SELLOUT Main OMG I'm such a sell out! :P Well... maybe not exactly :) ~ Either way, LOOK AT MY BUTT!!??

This video was created specifically for the GoDaddy contest. I have rights to use all materials in all my videos commercially - because that's how I roll doggie ;).

(Source) Re-Upload
July 3 Onision Attacked Speaks Re-Upload
July 30 Compact 82

Renamed Seattle Song

Main The structures of man. We built this place. Seeking financial freedom, We find not a trace. Numbers & graphs, they see, Subjects of gain. Watch their wallets grow. And with it our pain. You Wish to lose your shackles? You demand a better fate. Only [cut off]
Facebook: "totally different than the norm :)"


August 1 Friends In Love Speaks Someone asked about my feelings for Skye... I'm happy to answer :) Source
August-September Onision DMCA Claims

renamed Tattletale

Speaks What can happen when you tell on others for using your creations without your permission.

It's a fact - I haven't filed any claims for over a year, and when I did - it was all in good faith.

November 21 Alien Greys Speaks Re-Upload
December 24 Greg & Skye Divorced Speaks Re-Upload
December 30 Onision's Divorce Was A Mistake? Speaks Re-Upload


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 1 She Betrayed Me Speaks She told me, that if we ever divorced I could keep what I bought, and she could keep what she bought... she lied.

I came home to find Skye had taken the Google TV ($1,400), Bed ($700), HD Camcorder ($800) & more that I paid for/earned myself...

I offered her friendship, monthly allotments, housing etc & this is what she does to me? Why?

I would never do this to her - she said she loved me... what happened?

(Source) Re-Upload
January 2 Please Leave Skye Alone Speaks (Source)


January 2 I’ve Never Cheated (The Lies End Here) Speaks (Source)


January 3 Stolen Divorce Contract Speaks Again, please do not harass/insult/etc the individuals discussed in this video in any way - This video was made only, again, to defend my position, as an attempt to ensure no injustice takes place. (Source)


January 4 Netunesa: Please Be Honest Speaks I am again defending myself in the most honest way I know, from being discredited by Netunesa.

PLEASE do not insult or otherwise disturb her facebook, twitter or contact her in any other form in regards to this video if it is in a negative manner. She lied to me, yes, but I only want the truth to be known - her being bothered is pointless & inappropriate.

January 6 Cleaning House Speaks Re-Upload
January 11 I Should Be OK Speaks Re-Upload
January 15 Your American Boyfriend Main I'm your boyfriend, hold me, love me!!! (Source)


February ? Netunesa Didn't Steal Anything Speaks Re-Upload
March 22 ONISION BANNED MEEEEEE!!!!! Encore Re-Upload
April 22 I'm In Love Re-Upload
May 3 Shiloh or GTFO Speaks "If you don't like Shiloh - UNSUBSCRIBE ALL MY CHANNELS AND GTFO" (Source)
May 30 She Needs Us Main (Source) Re-Upload
June 30 Shiloh Forgot Me Main "This is not a joke, Shiloh agreed to this video being released. I would do exactly the same thing if I were in her shoes... I'd want people to know. If my mi...[cut off]" "New... very sad... Onision main channel video ~" (Source)


June ? Shiloh Threatened Me Main Re-Upload
June ? The Truth Main Re-Upload
July 5 SO HOT Main TETRIS!!! PIEEC-O!!! TETRIS!! New Fun With Onision!! You demanded it! (Source)
July 5 We Broke Up Speaks "As of July 4th 2011 ~ Shiloh & I are no longer [cut off] friends. [cut off]" (Source)
July 23 HOT NEW RAPPER!!! Main "Introducing a brand new rapper, find out who it is by watching this video!!! Kind of messed up song dude. But definitely a hot new raper man." "This guy's just offensive..." (Source)
? Where Are The Scars? Speaks (Source)
July 29 - August 6 Hater at Vidcon Speaks (Source)
September 5 SNEEZE!!! Speaks Re-Upload
September 13 She Fixed Me Speaks "Before I was even there she taught me multiple lessons, basically giving me a crash course on relationships, emotions and just being a reasonable/healthy per...[cut off]" "To My Girlfriend" (Source)
September 14 Single Again Speaks "Yes, another break up video from Onision... I'm getting sick of it too, I know, it's getting lame... I've just screwed up the last relationship too much to g...[cut off]" (Source) Re-Upload
September 21 I'm A Lama Speaks "And I go on, and on and on again :)" (Source)
September 22 She's Right Speaks (Source)
September 22 I Will Not Fight Her Speaks "Even though I've been attacked/humiliated by someone I love... I just can't fight her back... I won't... I just want to stop hurting... I feel so betrayed, so incredibly unloved... but that doesn't give me a right, even after it all... to fight, not her... never." "Remember when I took the blame for everything? I cannot fight the one I love... I just can't" (Source 1, Source 2) Re-Upload
September 22 Goodbye Dear Speaks I had a through video response to Adrienne's attacks on me being prepared and then I remember what it looks like... what it sounds like... what it feels like when she cries... I remembered what really matters.

I can't do that to you Adrienne, so this is me forfeiting & giving you your victory.

Have a long happy life dear, always treat the next one better than the last and you will find your peace.

(Source) Re-Upload
September 26 Respect My Decisions Speaks (Source)
September 27 Desperate For A Home Speaks "Please do not take this analogy TOO literally, some things said do not relate to the actual situation, others do. All in all, I'm just happier, which I'm supe...[cut off]" (Source) Re-Upload
October 2 U MAD BRO? Speaks "You want to stick up for the "victim" ~ then stick up for Shiloh as she's being harassed to a stupid extent right now for something she NEVER did. OMG! Socia[cut off]" "Regarding the premature baby photo(s) or whatever (O_O) ~" (Source) Re-Upload
October 2 Haters Want An Apology? Speaks (Source) Re-Upload
October 13 Love Will Previal Speaks (Source) Re-Upload (In-between commentary)
October 17 Innocent Innocent Innocent Speaks (Source) Re-upload
October 21 Do Birthdays Matter? Speaks "My mom called me yesterday morning telling me it was her birthday and I responded saying I didn't care about age... my mom was upset I didn't jump to say hap...[cut off]" (Source)
October ? I’m Sorry Mom :P Speaks (Source)
December 6 Get Featured Speaks "Would you like to have your channel promoted/be featured in an Onision video? If so, upload a fan video and include "onision" in the tags. You may end up get...[cut off]" (Source)
? Speaks Speaks (Source)

Onision Encore

  • eHarmony Video Bio (June 12) (Source)
  • Onision FREAK OUT (?) "A little itty bitty freak out... kind of :P This is the full, unedited obvi fake freak out seen in the most recent Fun With Onision :) Hope you guys love it!" (Source)
  • Dance Party!!! (?) "Having a dance paty with friends... what a silly bunch we are XD!!!!" (Source)
  • NOT MY BABY!!! (in Spanish!!!) (?) "SPANISH VERSION of the Onision video "I'm Pregnant"." (Source)
  • FAKE &... AWESOME!!! (?) "The drive thru prank uploaded to the main channel today was... totally fake (as hinted in the description & stated in the keywords XD) ~ Thanks for watching this guys, S...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Shiloh & Greg @ Chucky's (?) "Some fun moments from our adventure at Chucky Cheese's :)" (Source)
  • The Dancing Man (November 22) "Master of awkward interruptions, the dancing man dances again. This is simply a video of Onision dancing with a mask on in front of a green screen." (Source)
  • The Road (?) "Various clips taken from LA to Seattle... at 200x to 1000x the speed." (Source)
  • I Shaved My Head (Again) (?) (Source)
  • New Lights (?) "Work to your mother @flysnailfly ~" (Source)
  • Tree Climbing Fail (November ?) (Source)
  • Would You Be A Vampire? (?) "If a vampire tried to bite you/convert you, what would you do? Would you be willing to exchange a carnivores life on a regular bases for the extension of your own life?" (Source)
  • Criss Angel Parody Bloopers (?) "We did a parody of Criss Angel, you can check out the full video here: [link] Thanks for being awesome Criss ~ you rock at what you d...[cut off]" (Source)
  • Darth Vader vs Viking (?) "Darth Vadeer takes a lightsaber to a Viking's sword... lets see who comes out on top :)" (Source)
  • Nibbles Bit My Finger (?) "My. Captain Dr. Titty Nipples liked biting fingers :) Here's a video showing you exactly what I mean :) Such a cute puppy." (Source)
  • Awkward Crying (?) "First I was on the bench, then I was under then bench... things just got crazy over dare :)" (Source)
  • OWNED by Nature (December 27) "I decidded during a regular video shoot that i would jump into a bunch of sticker bushes.. it was super delightful in a skin-piercing/painful way." (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • Please Leave Skye Alone (January 2) (Clip)
  • Why Women Won't Dance With Me (September 14) "I don't get it, I'm a really good dancer... why won't women dance with me?" (Source)
  • Jealous B!tch (September 17) "My girlfriend went through my phone when I was asleep and found a girl's number... she thought I was cheating... problem is, I had no idea who the girl was e... [cut off]" "No music, no censors... interested?" (Source)


Onision (Main)

  • Chibi Gets Frostbite (February 5) "When you see a movie where people fall into ice water and they somehow can still function after a couple minutes of being submerged *cough* Italian Job *coug[cut off]" "I wasn't kidding... OMG ~" (Source)
  • The Song Of Your Mind (September 22) (Re-Upload)
  • Cream-Filled Doughnut (September 24) (Re-Upload)

Onision Speaks

  • HATERS GONNA HATE (March 13) "Aint nothin you can do, haters gonna hate." (Source)
  • Any Three Items (April 27) "If you could have any three items in the world, what would they be?" (Source)
  • RANTING AND RAVING (April ?) (Source)
  • Drunk People & Sex (May 5) "Is it the same as rape os you sleep with someone who is drink (or you're drink)? My opinion is that it's wrong, but not the same. What is yours? The original...[cuts off]" (Source)
  • Jenna Lost Her Marbles (Experience Is Your Friend) (May 15) (Re-Upload)
  • Evolution = Satanism (May 8) "Evolution is stupid... and I'm going to prove it." (Source)
  • Don't Vlog & Drive (May 14) "It's wrong, you know it is, so stop." (Source)
  • 4CHAN vs ONISION "About the recent 4CHAN attack ~" (November 1) (Source)

Channel Unknown

  • NOM NOM Crackers (January 8) "Blegh... after making this video I checked this site: [link] ~ turns out sodium is a no no...[cut off]" "Nibbles nibbles crackers XD ~" (Source)
  • Batman Jumps A Fence (January 31) "What it would look like in real life if a noob batman tried to jump a fence... oh wait... this is real life... derp." "Another unedited clip of how it really happened :)" (Source)
  • [Unknown Title, Dubbed "Webcam Video"] (February 8) Re-Upload
  • I Fell In Love (February 25) "I created this song quite a few years ago... however I decided to turn this into a music video considering its surprising relevance to my life right now. The...[cut off]" (Source)
  • ADELE - SET FIRE TO THE RAIN - Feat. Onision (Not Official, Just Another Ridiculous Parody) (May 12) "NOTE: I LOVE ADELE, SHE IS A BRILLIANT SINGER, BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED, THEY LYRICS IN THIS SONG ARE ABOUT SHARRON BARRON (the character seen in this video) [cut off]" "My Adele parody... did I just piss off a lot of people? Again? LOL!" (Source)
  • My Confession (Not to be confused with two other videos he uploaded with the same title. This seemed to be a jump scare video.) (July 30) "I have to say this... it's so important to me." "Don't share this with your grandparents..." (Source)
  • My Birthday :) (November 8) "Tiffany Jo Allen sent me a gift :) Decided to open it on camera as I don't get a lot of gifts and it was really nice of her!" "MY BIRTHDAY!!! :)" (Source)



  • GAY TEST (original uncensored version) (February 22, 2013) "Did you pass the test?" (Source)

Onision Encore

  • Breaking the news (?) Greg announces Taylor's pregnancy. (Source)

Unknown Channel

  • SEXY GIFS (February 25) "Collection of awesome gifs :) Hope you enjoy!" (Source)
  • How To Eat A Banana (December 23) "For everyone who is dumber than a monkey, this is your one stop solution to figuring out how to eat a banana." (Source)


Date Title Channel Description Notes
November 9 We Broke Up Speaks Re-Upload (#77)
November 13 We Broke Up... But There Is More Speaks Re-Upload (#78)
November 16 Re: List of Onision Abuse Accusations Speaks There is a list out there of abuse accusations against me, all the ones in this video are coming from people I broke up with some time ago. The first ex says I was emotionally abusive, the second ex says I was emotionally & physically abusive, and the third ex seems to imply I'm also physically aggressive... yikes. So... what could be my response to three different people I broke up with claiming only after I broke up with them that I've secretly been horrible this whole time? Let's go through this list... which I skimmed, but I'm pretty sure I covered the important stuff. Re-Upload (#66)
December 6 Song For My Ex Friend Main I made this song for my ex friend after he uploaded a video attacking me/my family & I felt it deserved a response... after our friendship I'm out thousands of dollars. He however got tons of free food, free shelter, thousands upon thousands of subscribers etc etc... it was a very one-sided friendship & I've ended our friendship multiple times because of this. Long story short, the guy is a freeloader, so I think I earned my right to rant about being used for years. Re-Upload
December 31 She Lied To You... Main? If you saw her video, you were lied to... not just once, but many times throughout the video. You could say she was just horribly misinformed, but the realit[cut off] ( Source] Re-Upload (#70)


Date Title Channel Description Notes
January 21 Our Last Poly Girlfriend


The Girlfriend Onision & Laineybot Never Talked About

OniChan I Onision, and my spouse Laineybot had a girlfriend that we never talked about in a YouTube video... she was in one video and that was about it. There have been a few mentions of YouNow as well... that's it... so... time to explain and move on. Source Re-Upload

Unknown Year


  • Friend or Food (≤ 2010) "You shouldn't mistake the two, ugly things happen when you do" (Source) Clip

Unknown Channel