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Greg and Billie in a 2016 video
Billie was Lainey's (Greg's current wife) girlfriend. After Greg cheated on Lainey with Billie in 2016, he attempted to date Billie for a brief time before changing his mind and getting back together with his wife.

In the summer of 2016, Billie, Greg, and Lainey began an on and off a poly relationship that ended January 2017.

Early Relationship

Lainey says she first noticed Billie on twitter when a photo of her was re-tweeted onto Lainey's timeline. Lainey tweeted her asking her to be her girlfriend and to teach her how to do eyebrows. This was on August 19, 2015. (Source) Lainey said she did not pursue a relationship until he saw Billie was single. She messages her and asked if she was interested in girls and gave her her phone number. ($ource) It seems this happened in November 2015. (Source)

Billie was 18, Lainey was 21, and Greg was 30 at this time.

Lainey says Greg was the one that was pushing her to date Billie and that it was his idea in the first place. (Source) She believed he did this because he would get something out of it. (Source)

Billie came to visit Lainey and Greg in early December 2015. (Source) Greg says this was so Lainey and Billie could get to know one another because they planned on dating. ($ource)

While Billie was over, Greg posted many statuses and images encouraging Billie and Lainey's relationship. (Source) He started by posting an image of them kissing in the dark then continued encouraging them publicly, even calling them his OPT, or "one true pairing", a term usually used to describe a fan's favorite couple in a fictional story. (Source) Greg also made a sketch video titled "Onision's Wife Leaves Him (For A Woman)" where Billie and Lainey intimately touched and talked about their lust for each other. The video ended with Lainey and Billie making-out in-front of Greg acing horrified. ($ource) Greg also recorded some non-sketch videos with just Billie ($ource), something he would continue to do throughout their relationship.

Greg says during the visit, Lainey became mad and even cried because Billie and Greg were spending a lot of the time together, rather than Billie concentrating on getting to know her. Lainey felt that Billie might have been there for Greg and not really for her, but Billie denied this. Greg says he felt Lainey was being unfair and encouraged her to give Billie another chance. She drove Billie to the airport when the trip was over, and Greg says by the time they made it to the airport they were on good terms again. ($ource)

Lainey says she was upset because Greg and Billie were flirting in-front of her, but they both denied it and told her she was being crazy. (Source)

Dating Lainey

Lainey and Billie kiss for Greg's video
Greg says 90% of his interactions with Billie were about how to make her relationship with Lainey work and as time passed, he continued to encourage her to peruse Billie as a girlfriend. He says he even gave Billie money to buy a Christmas gift for Lainey. Greg says eventually, Lainey asked out Billie with a small letter and a CD of her favorite songs.

Greg says they got Billie another plane ticket to stay longer than last time. Greg says Lainey was originally looking forward to it, until Billie missed the first flight. According to Greg, this confirmed her suspicions that Billie was not interested in her. Lainey told Greg she couldn't wait for Billie to leave before she even arrived. Despite this, Lainey picked up Billie from the airport and they kissed. Greg says things seemed okay between them.

Greg said one night he, Lainey, and Billie had a threesome, but Lainey stopped it after getting to third base. The next day, Greg asked Lainey if he could cuddle Billie over texts and she told him no. After Lainey left the house, Greg cuddled Billie and gave her a body massage that included her cheat and butt. Greg told Lainey about this the next day and she broke up with him. Sometime during their separation, Greg signed an agreement to give Lainey a monthly sum of money and exclusive custody of their son. He also arranged for someone to help her five days a week with household chores. ($ource)

Dating Greg

After Lainey left the house, Greg asked out Billie. (Source) He says just a few hour after he and Lainey were separated, he asked Billie to kiss him and she told him "it was not the right time". He says this was because he was emotionally vulnerable. ($ource) Greg also said he told Billie, "Well it looks like you’re a homewrecker now", but she gave no response. (Source)

Greg released parts of his text conversations with Billie in a speaks video. In the first set of texts, Greg asks Billie if she is 100% sure if she wants to come back and she said yes. This was when Greg planned to fly Billie back up to his home 2 weeks after he and Taylor broke up. (Source) The next set of texts shows Greg warning Billie about the internet backlash she will receive because of what happened. He also tells her he did not mention her name in his "I Betrayed My Wife" video. She tells him she can handle it. The last set of texts start out as a casual conversation where Billie tells Greg to contact her whenever he's feeling down, but ends with Greg cutting off contact with her by telling her he does not deserve love because of what he did and he needs to be alone. (Source)

Billie's friend at the time, Social Repose, claims that Billie told him after Greg and Billie broke up, Greg followed her to the airport he told her he would leave everything behind to start a new life with her. ($ource) Greg denied this happened. (Source)

First Separation

Main article: Cuddle Gate

On January 25, 2016, Taylor announced on Twitter she and Greg are separated. (Source) She explained that Greg cuddled with someone she specifically told him not to cuddle. (Source)

Billie took to YouNow and eventually began talking to viewers about what happened, but refused to give any details. She defended Lainey and Greg and said she wants them to get back together. (Source)

Greg uploaded two "I Betrayed My Wife" videos to his Speaks channel going into detail about what happened between him, Billie, and Lainey. He revealed he and Lainey were going to counseling to work on their marriage. ($ource)

The three of them received individual backlash from viewers for the events that took place. Billie in particular was labeled a "homewrecker" and was shunned by Greg and Lainey as well as a majority of their fans.

Greg released a prank "Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife" video to his comedy channel, pretending he and Lainey broke up again. Billie thought it was real and sent Greg a text saying she caught feelings for him and and was ready for a relationship. Greg uploaded another fake "I Betrayed My Wife" to his comedy channel revealing the previous video was fake. He showed the text in his video and gave everyone that believed him the middle finger. (Source)

The "Ménage à Trois" aka The "Trinity"

Billie, Lainey, and Greg in the background
In May 2016, Lainey began expressing missing Billie on Twitter. (Source) Within the next two months, Lainey slowly began talking more and more about Billie on Twitter and eventually posted a picture of her and Billie kissing for the Twteer hashtag "KeepKissing", a tag for LGBT couples to post kissing photos. (Source) By late June, Lainey began tweeting about a girlfriend on Twitter and Billie would "like" her tweets. (Source)

Greg later revealed more details. He said Lainey began communicating with Billie again, even though he had not spoken to Billie since the day he dropped her off at the airport. Greg says six months after their break-up, Lainey wanted to take Billie back even though everyone around her, including Greg, told her this was a bad idea. (Source)

On June 29, 2016, Greg uploaded a picture of Lainey to his Instagram where blue hair can be seen next to her. (Source) Many who suspected Billie was back were now convinced. The next day, Greg posted a seemingly random text rant in one of his videos where he explained he had multiple "amazing" threesomes with two "awesome" individuals and that the internet can try to shame them all they want. (Source) Greg began referring to their relationship as a ménage à trois in September and would continue until the rest of their relationship. (Source)

Billie visited Lainey and Greg several times. This began a cycle where almost every time Billie would visit, Lainey would break-up with her or get into a disagreement with her and sometimes Greg. Lainey would vent on twitter about these fights, once even revealing Greg told her he did not want to be married to her anymore. (Source) Whenever this would happen, Greg and Billie would remain in contact over social media. If Billie was still at their house, Greg would sometimes take pictures with her and once recorded a video while Billie cuddled him (Source), which upset Lainey. (Source) After Billie would leave their house and fly back home to the East Coast, everyone would be on good terms again and the cycle would begin again. Greg says he was the one that would always convince Lainey to give Billie another chance. (Source)

Greg draws Billie, himself, and Lainey.
After one of these break-ups, Greg made a video ...


Brief Break-Up

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Other Break-Up

Greg, Lainey, and Billie all officially separated on November 4, 2016.

Final Break-Up

Main Article: Basementgate

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Post Relationship

Since Billie's final video she has not spoken about Greg or Lainey publicly. After the trinity, she dated a Youtuber, Drew, who did reveal some information Billie told him privately about Greg and Lainey which caused a brief online feud.

Soon after the relationship, Lainey would be trolled a lot on stream by fake Billie accounts in the comments. The trolls would try to "trigger" Lainey and get a reaction from them. Lainey would occasionally talk about their relationship with Billie.

Greg talks often about his relationship with Billie in videos and in live streams. He will refer to her as "B" or his ex. As of 2018 he is still saying Billie's secret on stream and has the video up on his Encore channel where he talks about the secrets.