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Warning! This page is not complete. There will be information and sources missing.
Beck was a Patreon supporter of Greg and Kai's who flew out to their home in 2017.

**During the events in this article, Kai went by the nicknames "Lainey" or "Lain" and did not yet identify as a trans man. The writing in this article will reflect Kai's current name and pronouns, but images, quotes, and videos will not.


Beck was a fan of Greg and Kai's who became a moderator for Greg's discord in the summer of 2017. Beck was labeled a Kai fangirl after she recorded and uploaded a song she wrote for Kai on July 26, 2017. (Source) The song has since been deleted, but a summary of the songs exists from an Anti-O blog: In her song “A Like-Song for Lainey” she says that she is “gay” for Taylor. And tries to win Taylor over. Says she wants to kiss Taylor and that she understands they’ve been hurt and betrayed, and wants to commit to them. She says she is infatuated with Taylor and has a huge crush on them. And that she hopes to restore Taylor’s trust in them, for some reason. (Source)

On August 6, 2017, an anonymous user posted to the gossip imageboard lolcow claiming Beck was going to Greg and Kai's home, but Kai was aware. They said readers might not believe them, but they'll see on the 16th. The poster also provided a screen shot of a conversation between Beck and Kai. They claimed the screen shot looks weird because they were only able to pull keylogs. In the screen shot, Kai was upset Greg never tells him anything. Beck says she assumed he told Kai. Kai asks when it is and Beck replies the 6th to the 15th. Beck asks Kai if he's ok with her visiting. Many readers were suspicious of the legitimacy of the screen shots. The user replied with another screen shot of a conversation seemingly between Beck and Kai. (Admin note: I am assuming this is supposed to be Kai and Beck because the original file name was "laineytwitter2_screen.png".) They spoke about video games and Kai tells Beck "Maybe we'll be able to play together sometime :]" (Source)

That same day, Beck uploaded another song. This time it was an "I'm sorry" song for Greg and Kai. This songs had been deleted as well, but a summary of the song reads: In her song “I’m Sorry” she apologizes to Greg and Taylor for how they think she’s crazy and how she’s more than how she’s “dealt with pain” and how she needs to earn their trust again. I’m guessing this was a condition she had to fulfill, like the conditions that Billie had to fulfill. I’m wondering if she was either a cutter and they noticed her scars or something, or maybe she admitted to drinking alcohol or smoking weed. She says she is “weak in the knees” for the both of them. She also says that they are all very similar and have the same interests. (Source)

"What Onision Does With His Fans (Shaving Cream)"
On August 7th, Beck tweeted, "There will be shaving cream in my ear for the rest of my life and I've accepted it". Some speculated this could be a hint at a new video with Greg since he uploaded a video of himself covered in shaving cream the week before. (Source) Suspicions were soon confirmed when Greg posted an update to Patreon titled "I Flew A Patreon Out :)". The post featured a new video dubbed "Cream People" featuring himself and Beck covered in shaving cream. (Source) The video starts out with Greg driving to the airport. He says he's on his way to pick up a human he's going to be working with. It cuts to himself and Beck in his home and he introduces Beck. They open a box from a fan together, then play Smash Bros together. The video ends with Greg and Beck covered in shaving cream and screaming while doing various activities. The video was uploaded to his main channel the next day under the title "What Onision Does With His Fans (Shaving Cream)". ($ource)

The same day Greg uploaded the Patreon video, Beck also appeared on Greg's Younow stream. (Source) During her stay, Beck continued to appear on Greg's Younow and in his videos.

Although it was now confirmed what the anonymous user said about Beck visiting was true, many people still did not believe the screen shots were not real due to sketchy visual details in the image. The images were brought onto Kai's discord server where users discussed them further. Kai replied to the discussion, "That is me. It's real." (Source) Kai soon took to Younow and expressed they he "high key" wanted to die because he was tired of people breaking his trust. (Source) On the stream, he says Greg did tell him he was going to fly out Beck, but never told him when he would do it or that he bought the tickets. He also blamed Beck for leaking their conversations.

A troll on Kai's stream
While Kai was streaming, Beck took to Discord to live post about clogging Greg and Kai's toilet. (Source) Because of this, during his stream, Kai was bombarded with comments about Beck and the toilet. Some viewers telling Kai to help Beck while others made fun of the situation. This discord stunt gave Beck the nickname "Poopbeck" among lolcow users. Beck later said the toilet clogging saga was only a joke for the Discord members.