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Archive channel in 2009
OnisionArchive, or Archive, was a channel Greg used for 10 years to re-upload videos to from his other channels. Archive was always one of his least popular channels.


Greg created then channel on December 03, 2008. He would upload bloopers, clips, and videos that he removed from his comedy sketch channel as well as his serious Speaks channel.


For many years, Greg used the channel to immediately re-upload videos he deleted from his UhOhBro and Speaks channels. In 2013 Greg described this as: "Where all classic Onision videos come to live out the rest of their lives :)" (Source)

Before the Adpocolypse, many speculated he did this to squeeze out more views and ad-revenue from videos whose view count plateaued. It was is also rumored that whenever Greg would receive backlash from people whose pictures he used in videos, he would move the video to his Archive channel to get them off his trail. Although, any instance of this happening could have just been a coincidence since he moves videos to the channel quite frequently.

After the Adpocolypse, he most likely uploaded videos to Archive that were demonetized on other channels.


On September 14, 2018, Greg announced the end of the channel with the video "Goodbye To OnisionArchive". The video was a short video telling fans to go to Onision, Speaks, and UhOhBro. ($ource) This was the same video uploaded to Character Vlogs and OnisionEncore.

YouTube Channels
UhOhBro Active (2012-) 2.1m subs
Onision Active (2006-) 2m subs
OnisionSpeaks Active (2009-) 1.7m subs
OnisionArchive Discontinued (2008-2018) 586k subs
OnisionEncore Discontinued (2011-2018) 166k subs
Onision Reacts
(prev. Onion Son)
Discontinued (2017) 88k subs
Onichan Discontinued (2017-2018) 52k subs
Onision Games
(prev. Oni Chan)
Active (2017-) 26k subs
New Channel Discontinued (2018) 19k subs
Character Vlogs Discontinued (2018) 4k subs
Comment Cranks Discontinued (2017) 1k subs
Crovati Discontinued (2012) 900 subs
OnisionTrolls Discontinued (2012) 500 subs
Vaitavious Deleted (2012) 30 subs